This is me

This is me

Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 3...We're Halfway there!

Enjoy some pictures of Hunter's 3rd week in the Provo MTC

A better photo of Elder Meine's Missionary Tag.
(Still blurry though)
Elder Meine and Elder Keller's classroom white board drawings:
 Colonel Keller's Corner of Quality Quotes
Elder Meine's Whale

Elder Keller invented a game with the ironing board.  As Hunter explained it: "You use the steam blast from the iron to try to use your cup and knock the opponent's cup off the ironing board."  Looks pretty intense!
Elder Avery

Elder Keller
Hunter and Elder Keller had a tie exchange! Hunter was pretty excited about the tie he got!

There's a bench in the park that a bunch of Elders have signed.  It is super cool, so Hunter's district signed it too!  The park is amazing to study in.  It has lots of trees and benches and a little river powered by waterfalls.  It is so peaceful out there!

On Hunter's night stand sits a photo of his family and on his wall a collage of his friends.  All the support he is receiving is wonderful!!

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