This is me

This is me

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rainy season and broken swings

The work is progressing in Panama!  Elder Meine is finding that being a zone leader is a lot of work and teaches him a lot about patience and prayer!

This is Elder Cerrato.  He is with us in a trio for a couple of weeks while he waits for his new companion to arrive.  He is awesome!!

Waiting for lunch on the swings!!

Cerrato broke the swing!

It is rainy, stormy season in Panama

Storm Selfie!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life as a zone leader

First full week of being a zone leader in San Migueltio has come and gone.  Here is a few things Elder Meine had to say about it:

* Boy it is crazy!
* As a leader of all the missionaries you can see all of the problems and it's sad and stressful
* We're working hard
*It's a handful but the Lord put me here for a reason, so He'll provide a way

We helped at a ward car wash.  The youth are raising money to attend the Panama equivalent of EFY.

Elder Alvarado beating up my companion!

Elder Stracener and Elder Meine