This is me

This is me

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pinatas and Compost!

Another great week in Panama for Elder Meine!  He said a lot of pictures this week and answered some more of our questions!

Questions first!!

1.  Do you have any inside jokes on you mission?
I'm sure we do, but they  are probably hard to explain hahaha.... Like one of the Elders calls me Princess, and another one always touches my ear when I see him.

2. Are there any street vendors in your area and what kind of food do they serve? Have you eaten at any of them?
There are quite a few, but I haven't gone to very many. There is a really good empanada stand outside the migrations office though.

3. What has been your favorite Pday activity so far?
When we went and had the Multi-zone activity when we got to play basketball and a ton of other sports and I got to see all the Elders from the MTC for the first time!  It was soooo much fun!

4.  What is your favorite this to smell in Panama?
Anything but outside because there is trash everywhere  and it smells horrifying!

5.  What are some of the local sayings?
Que Xopa  (slang for wasssup) Que lo Que (What's Up) Que Pritty (That's cool) , Chuso (coolness)
Chuleta (Cute girl "porkchop")

6. Is it still just you and Elder Ismael in your house?
Yep! And it's great!

7.  Did you meet any new hopeful investigators this week?
I hope so.... I'll explain more in my big letter soon!

A little bit of Water Balloon PDay Fun!!

Elder Gomez. He went home last week because his 2 years were up.  He was my first Zone Leader and stuck it out with me til the end of his mission!

Elder Quinanilla

Giving Elder Hernandez a Piggy Back Right (Look home much Elder Meine is sweating!)
Elder Tuesta being the Pinata man

Pinata Fun!

Mario Pinata

We got a Pinata With Elder Gomaz' face on it for his last Zone Meeting!
Elder Ismael pretending to be a white American Girl on the Internet with some meat,
being photobombed by one of the youth in our ward.
This is the bishop's daughter.  She tried to get me to dance.  Had to tell her "Whoa!  Nope I'm
a missionary!!"

Ma and baby Cocobolo! That's just his nickname, but he's adorable!!

One of the acts at our Ward Christmas Party. Hermano Chavez has my guitar , but he
has no idea how to play it!
One of the party games for the kids in our ward.

Our amazing service project this weekend....Digging a hole and filling it with
disgusting compost,  to bury it again!

Hermana Ochoa "working"

Missionaries and Service invoke magikal powers!

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