This is me

This is me

Monday, September 15, 2014

WEEK 2 in Panama!!

Elder Meine is still trying to figure out how to upload pictures!  So here are a few of his thoughts from his e-mail home this week!  Hard to believe he has been in Panama for two weeks!

So I have a story from that experience. Broadhead's trainer was explaining a thing they call 'Jungle Fever', or as he likes to call it, the Cornflakes. I will explain the story first, and then interpret its meaning.

So while you were at home, you ate your favorite bowl of cereal every day, an amazing bowl of Frosted Flakes. But then you get out here in the mission field, all they have is Cornflakes. You don't really like it, but after awhile you get a little bit used to it. Sometimes, there's even a little sugar added to it. By the end of your two years, you LOVE Cornflakes! And when you get home there is a hug bowl of Frosted Flakes waiting for you. You can do one of two things. You eat that whole bowl in one singing because you missed it so much, or you go back to the Cornflakes you've grown to love so much.

here is what this means in reality. Frosted Flakes are all of your lady friends back home. When you first get out to Central America, you dont find ANYONE attractive. But overtime, you start looking through those missonary goggles. You havent seen those american girls, or those friends youve found really attractive in over a year. So you start liking the locals a little bit. Its basically the science of why so many missionaries come back and marry people from their missions.

I thought some of my bros would get a kick out of that! And I am determined NOT to let that happen to me, even though everyone tells me it will, and that the more i say i wont, the faster i will. Help me!! I dont want to become a victim of the cornflakes!!!!

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