This is me

This is me

Friday, February 26, 2016

Busy AP Life

Life as Assistant to President Carmack keeps Elder Meine very busy in Panama!  Here is a sample of his week that he shared:

Monday:  We talked with President about changes and we sent them out to all of the zone leaders
Tuesday:  We picked up the new missionaries at 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM
                  Ran around arranging trips to the far parts of the mission
                  Welcomed the San Blas elders into our house which was a mess
Wednesday:  We threw some new sisters on a bus that left 5 minutes later to the interior
                   Worked on legal stuff with Elder Broadhead so people could go home
                   Had a hotel booking go wrong & spent 1 hour arguing w/some lady and paying too much!
Thutrsday:  3 missionaries almost didn't get past migrations and then one missed their flight because                      they changed gates and he wasn't paying attention so nap time turned into running him                        around  and getting him on another flight
Friday and Saturday:  Worked in the area and had a meeting with President.
Sunday: Had a bunch of investigators come to church!

Selfie with Elder Dement at the President's house
Treated myself to all of my favorites today!
Hanging with the San Blas Elders!
Saw the Medoza family in the city!!
Saying goodbye to Elder Dement at the Airport!


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