This is me

This is me

Monday, March 9, 2015

Activity Week

This week Elder Meine's ward had a big activity.  Each organization in the ward made a booth and did a presentation.  He said it was a great success in that they had a large number of inactive members attend!

Getting our displays ready for the activity.

Our Plan of Salvation Board with Hma Osorio doing who knows what!

Our amazing First Vision Display
The Relief Society teaching people how to cook.  I did not get to go
learn anything as I was stuck at my display all day.

The Young Men's Booth

The Young Women's Booth

More Photos from the rest of the Week

Olo being a stud in some very interesting typical Colon dance clothes

A baby with the coolest hammock ever! His mom just throws him LITERALLY back and forth and he doesn't give a crap!

And the Gold Plates...According to our Bishop only people who are worthy can see the words written on them haha!

Elder Dement : something unimaginable

Here is a classic Panamanian Chino at night.

Karaoke night (where I killed it by the way.)

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