This is me

This is me

Monday, February 9, 2015

Goodbyes and Hellos

Today marks 7 months that Elder Meine has been gone from home, out serving the Lord.  He said goodbye to his friends in Torrijos Carter last week and embarked on a new chapter in his mission.  His new area is Vista Alegre.  First he sent a lot of goodbye photos from Torrijos Carter.

A family of investigators that I found! They love me to death, especially little Johan David. They're sad that I had to go, but they want me to come visit as soon and as often as I can! 

Johann David

Aroli!  My little punk friend!!

Elder Berg and Hermana Caldas

Elder Berg
This is the Elder that broke his arm a few weeks ago.  OUCH!!

Elder Hernandez

Elder Quintanilla who you guys saw on Christmas when we skyped.
He calls me princess for some reason...

Elder Rodriguez

My ZL Elder Estrada

Hermana Bean, probably the coolest gringa you'll find in Panama

Hermana Johnson

Hermana Romagoza came to visit the day before changes

Hermano Jorge's wife kept trying to hug me and it was weird. I pulled a classic hover hand to try and avoid it. Also Jorge was really drunk.

La familia Romañia!

La familia Romañia!

La familia Romañia! Me and Liseth

My mission leader Hermano Serna

My mission leader, Hermano Serna, and Hermano Jorge and his wife. They're non-members, but their son is on a mission and they feed us dinner on tuesday nights

Pics with Hermana Romagoza and Hermana Niebla

Saying goodbye to one of my investigators, Albertina.
She made me a cool necklace with my name on it!!
She wants to get baptized, but needs to finish the super long Panamanian marriage process first

Saying goodbye to the Roriguez family

The Amazing Elder Gomez

Hermana Ochoa

Hermana Garcia

And now he has a few pictures of his new home.  He actually was excited to report that he has grass, some random chickens that wander around and a lot less garbage!

A little river thingy that runs behind our house.

The back of our house.

The back of our house

This was meant to be!  The keys have my name on them!!

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